Eric Prydz – EPIC

Studio: Immersive

Creative director: John Munro

Role: Motion Designer

Place: London

Year: 2010


I was part of a group of animators that created live show visuals for the Eric Prydz “EPIC” ( Eric Prydz In Concert ) tour. For this project we weren’t making track specific visuals, instead we created 3 sets of 1 minute videos that would be VJ’d live on the night. Within each of those 3 sets of styles we then created another 3 looks of 1 minute videos. As well as splitting all those videos into separate elements to make for better VJ clips. The visuals were projected onto a super wide format custom made screen. The installation consist in a 44m wide custom built projection screen that came out into the audience, housed within this fabricated structure would be a 7m wide hologram screen, two 4.2m rotating video columns and some flown set pieces for a finale.


Eric Prydz “EPIC” live show visuals
Below are some animations that I designed in 2D&3D tecniques:



EPIC closer up
Here is a 16-9 crop into the above video so that you can appreciate the detail of the video a bit better:



Eric Prydz in concert “making of”
Immersive LTD created this behind the scenes video that shows the true scale of the project:


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