Digital Projection – ISE Europe 2013

Design & animation: Gabriel Casanova

Client: Digital Projection

Place: Amsterdam

Year: 2013


This 9 screen video installation was created to show the last video projectors of Digital Projection at ISE Europe. Their stand was designed to have just one big animation, split in 9 projectors, having the viewer immersed among the screens. The challenge was to create the animation just in one 3D scene and render it in 9 parts, then they played all of them at the same time. As long as their logo had the ranibow colors, they asked me to keep the same color range and work with primitive shapes like cubes, triangles and spheres.


Video screen closer up
Here is a crop of the video installation ( just 1 of the 9 screens ) so that you can appreciate the detail of the video a bit better:


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